Life on life’s terms

flowerAs you may have noticed I have not been posting any new articles for almost 12 months.

I chose to dedicate most of my time to my mother and father who were both suffering from severe health problems. After 53 years of marriage they were admitted in separate health care facilities 20 miles apart in The Netherlands. On Friday August 24th my father passed away. My mother is still in critical, albeit stable, condition. So “life  on life’s terms” seemed to be an appropriate titel to pick up where I left off.I am pleased and look forward to picking up where I left off and share with you my experiences. The past year has made it even more clear to me that it is our thinking that allows us to find serenity and peace, whether in dealing with the suffering because of the unhealthy habits in ourselves and in others, or in accepting those moments in life that we all encounter and that are part of the lesson(s) of life. Life on life’s terms, as one of the slogans in twelve step programs says.


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